Price and availability tracking

Track prices and availability of your products in e-commerce

Protect your brand and its pricing policy thanks to price and availability tracking in e-commerce channels. We will help you to track your product prices in the Internet. Thanks to that you will easily find first sellers, who violate prices and spoil the market and you will find out who follows them. If you have many distributors, daily manual checking of it will take you a lot of time. It also happens that product prices can change several times a day. It all depends on that where your product is located.

We track prices in all e-commerce channels such as: online stores, price comparison websites, auction sites or trading sites. You can choose channels, which you want to track or rely on our experienced team, which will tell you what solution will be the best.

Get alerts on time and reports with essential changes on the market. We can also track for you product availability in offers of particular stores. Thanks to that you can take some actions if you know that in a certain store your products are already unavailable.