The most important functionalities

360° promotion of your brand

Promotion tracking on banners

See how your products are promoted at online stores

Product description analysis

Compare the quality of your product description

Cross-sell tracking

See what accessories are promoted together with your products

Review and rating tracking

See what trends are in reviews and ratings of products

Tracking exclusive products

Check if exclusive products are there where they should be

Analysis of search suggestions at stores

Check what suggestions appear in store search engines

Recommended product lists

Track product lists in particular categories at online stores

Price and availability tracking

Track prices and availability of your products in e-commerce
Have the view of the whole market

Your product portfolio
in 360°

Protect your brand and its pricing policy thanks to myBRAND360. Our tool will help you to track your product portfolio in all e-commerce channels. Check how your distributors present and promote your products. See the trends and how customers rate products. Do you deliver materials to products and want to have them on websites according to a scheme? It’s not difficult - we will check it for you and show you mistakes. Out tool makes your manager job easier - it levels most of manual work.

Track your product promotion in different e-commerce channels.

Check trends of reviews and ratings for your products. See where customers share their reviews the most often.

Detect pricing policy violation. Support and develop honest relations with all sellers.

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