360° promotion of your brand

The most important functionalities

Promotion tracking on banners
See how your products are promoted at online stores

Product description analysis
Compare the quality of your product description

Cross-sell tracking
See what accessories are promoted together with your products

Review and rating tracking
See what trends are in reviews and ratings of products

Tracking exclusive products
Check if exclusive products are there where they should be

Analysis of search suggestions at stores
Check what suggestions appear in store search engines

Recommended product lists
Track product lists in particular categories at online stores

Price and availability tracking
Track prices and availability of your products in e-commerce

Have the view of the whole market

Your product portfolioin 360°

Protect your brand and its pricing policy thanks to myBRAND360. Our tool will help you to track your product portfolio in all e-commerce channels. Check how your distributors present and promote your products. See the trends and how customers rate products. Do you deliver materials to products and want to have them on websites according to a scheme? It’s not difficult – we will check it for you and show you mistakes. Out tool makes your manager job easier – it levels most of manual work.

Save time, automate your actions!

Track brand promotion in the Internet!

Product promotion

Track your product promotion in different e-commerce channels.

Reviews and ratings

Check trends of reviews and ratings for your products. See where customers share their reviews the most often.

Prices and availability

Detect pricing policy violation. Support and develop honest relations with all sellers.
How it works

How doesmyBRAND360 work in practice?

Our plan is very easy and can be described in 3 steps. The first step is to deliver information or share product list of your brand. In next step we decide what functionalities you need to make 360 analysis. When everything is agreed, we come to the third step – tracking. You get an access to the panel and you can make an analysis of that how your online product brand looks like.

01.Data delivery

The first step to 360° tracking is an analysis of your product portfolio. You deliver us the list of products or categories, which you want to include in tracking and we will deal with the rest. We match your products to categories available at stores.

02.Selection of functionalities

The next step is selection of functionalities that you need. It is known that every business is specific. Our product is tailor-made – at the beginning you can choose only these functionalities that you need. Then you can add some others – we develop our product all the time.

03.360° tracking

After working out the details we start tracking. You will get an access to the individual panel, where you will find all data, analyses and reports. Thanks to that your work will become automated to a large extent.


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